Amy B's Story

After yet another bout of glandular fever I found I just wasn't getting any better. I was constantly exhausted and in so much pain. I couldn't bear to be touched as it either hurt or made my skin feel like it was covered in ants. 

I was so physically sick that I lost 4 stone in 3 months. I tried to carry on as I was told it was just post viral and to exercise and take vitamins. My organs began to fail as did my eye sight until I suddenly collapsed. I was blues & twosed to A&E several times with suspected heart attacks to be told it was nothing or indigestion!!!

I tried herbal therapies, colour therapy, spiritual therapy, all sorts, travelling 100s of miles & spending £1000's. 

We were told about Dr R. P. in Manchester and decided to try and see him.


After a year of intense & costly treatment my eye sight returned, my organs became healthy again and although I still get tired and sore it's just normal tired/soreness.


I nearly died, I nearly ended my life and I nearly sectioned myself thinking it was all in my head.


He saved me. My mum saved me and my now husband saved me. What a fight. What a struggle to be heard when even saying your name exhausts you. What a battle. What solid friendships I have discovered and love!