Natalie's Story

After reading your article, I could relate to just about everything you said, only my issue is with IBS. After visiting my GP for the past two years I have found that I am still getting nowhere. I suffer from excruciating stomach cramps, constipation, bouts of diahorrea, gastroenteritis and horrific swelling of the stomach, to the point of looking 9 months pregnant.


After being prescribed lactulose, fybogel, bisacodyl, Imodium, Senna, buscopan and other medication, I continued to keep seeing my doctor as the symptoms never shifted. Many blood tests and stool samples came back with relatively normal levels, however I still dont feel any better. I have also seen a specialist after being referred, who told me to take Lactulose when constipated, and Senna when I have Diahorrea. I am constantly tired and already have vitamin b12 injections monthly.


I would just like to be inspired as to how I can finally push on to get the answers I need....I know my body and I know that this is not right but no one seems to be taking me seriously. I can't take much more of running to the toilet and then not being able to go for three weeks! The pain and swelling is uncomfortable and I'm now wearing baggy clothes to cover what looks like a baby bump, but it is definitely not.


I'm a fit healthy 27 year old who trains 5 days a week and is in good shape, so I can virtually see my tummy coming up into this shape, and also feel the bouts coming on so fast that I have to be beside a loo or I'm in trouble.