Maureen's Story

I have had Fibromyalgia for over 10years at least,I can not honestly say how long I have had it. I also suffer very chronic pain at the top of my neck and into my head. Also at the moment I am finding getting out of bed as I am so tired. 

I am on a lot of opiate drugs which do take the pain to a copable level and then I can go out but no sooner am I out then the pains return. I can't carry anything as my neck gets very painful to the point of screaming. I also suffer irritable bowel, maybe because of the drugs.

My eyes get dry, I get a feeling of tingling up and down my legs. I get palpitations and uncontrollable sweating during the day and through the night. There are so many symptoms that come and go but when I have them I feel hellish. I also get neuralgia about four times a year. I have it just now. The left side of my face usually gets it. It feels like toothache, earache, very bad headaches and my eyes hurt.  

I try to live as best I can but it is hard. After three days in bed, I feel I have the energy to go out, but once the energy goes I am back in bed for another three days and so on.
My daughter (who won't like me mentioning this) and my husband were both diagnosed with M.E. way back, 26 years ago, and both still have it. Also my husband has chronic heart failure and really is bad. 

You can check as my daughter was in the Evening Times about 22years ago. It was to do with M.E. and how after seven years she managed to get an art degree. She has not painted since. She is married but most of her time is in bed or she will do cat sitting for friends. 

Well I will stop now but this is my life. Four children, three grandchildren whom I love dearly but can not even baby sit, so I feel utterly useless. I used to be so house proud but now I do nothing. We had to sell our lovely big house when my husband was diagnosed as he had to stop working.That was a blow to us all, but we survived.