Judith's Story

I am 52, and I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in 2014. I have asthma and although it was well controlled till that year I became ill with back to back chest infections.


Then my right hand doubled in size. I recall many prior blood tests, being asked how much alcohol I drank? And being baffled by it. At no point did any medical person connect my asthma and bad infections with the hand swell. My inflammation was so high I couldn't start meds for six months. I tried to assume some normality.


In Nov 2015 I began having awful headaches and a heavy body, back to GP for more bloods. Nothing. Christmas came and went, I spent most days sleeping. Back to GP for more bloods, and when I went back for results my GP thought was a rheumatoid flare as markers were raised go to a rheumatology nurse. My nurse thought it was Fibromyalgia but I had to wait another month to be diagnosed. I'm on various medicine cocktails, bath aid, and other things to help. I'm struggling at work, I can't see me there much longer as the pain is relentless in hips and elbows the worst, but my feet are bad for spasms which makes me unsteady. Another person to see; podiatrist orthotics. My husband is great but doesn't really get it nor do friends and family so I tend to say nothing and anger flows through me.