Kate's Story

I was a popular, feisty young woman, who graduated twice from university as a nurse, a degree I did in 8 months with two small children, and I loved my job in theaters and intensive care.


Now I sit on the sofa all day and use a wheelchair when I'm out or a stick for short distances, and that means out of the house to the car. I want to wear heels again and dance the night away, but that girl has had to give up. This girl however will not give up on life, for my kids, grandchild and hubby. I may not move much and I may be low inside but I can still hug and watch a Disney film. 

I faced a lot of what we all do... 'it's in your head', 'you're depressed', 'you're not accepting you're ill'. But I also found a lot of positive professionals, friends (the ones that have stuck around) and am astounded by the love and support of my family.


This illness, as well as M.E. has taken so much from me, but it has given me so much too. Yes there are days where I feel like I don't know how much more I can take, but I'm a fighter and will try for as long as it takes to still have a spark even if that spark is sat on the sofa or having a day in bed. 

Some days even my hair and nails hurt, but I know I'm not alone.