Katrina's Story

I lost my brother in law and then my dad within weeks of each other. A few months after that I started to get symptoms; tiredness and painful periods. I already had two worn discs in my back so was on meds for that, so thought the aches and pains were from that.

It took 18 mth going back and forward to the doctors with different things, aches pains, painful periods, headaches, irritable bowels, before I actually said 'I think I had fibromyalgia'. I was sent to specialist and physiotherapist but when you tell people what you have they just look at you and think 'total fake illness'. I wish they had the pain or the fatigue or the forgetfulness, so they would know what it's like. 

I was given a scan and a biopsy as previously I had an abnormal smear, so they thought the painful periods was from that. Before this I had never had period pain so bad. All came back normal which was good, but now know it's due to fibromyalgia.

Back and forth to doctors with tiredness, blood taken but I work nightshift so they put it down to that, even although I knew it wasn't.

Some days not able to do anything as so tired.

It wasn't until I stumbled across a story on fibromyalgia that all the pieces came together. Went to the the doctors said 'I think I have this', they just looked at me, but then sent me to a rheumatologist who confirmed it.

I'm glad I'm not just lazy but it's so hard to deal with, because it's not anything people can physically see, they don't see it as a real illness and think it's just an excuse to not do something. It's not the doctors fault, there is a sign in my GPs saying only 2 issues at at time, there's not enough resources for them to spend the time.