Kim's Story

I've suffered from Fibromyalgia for the last 17yrs after a holiday in Turkey where I suffered from horrific sickness and diarrhoea due to food poisoning. The whole family were ill, my son was treated for malnutrition when we returned home, however to cut a long story short, after a few weeks of suffering from S & D all these aches and pains started.


First in my left knee and left leg. I kept getting fobbed off. 'Oh you're just depressed, you're imagining it' etc. As time went on the pain became more widespread, shoulders, hips, elbows, back, neck, sleeplessness, extreme fatigue, mood swings, the lot.


I have had physiotherapy, acupuncture, used a walking stick, and I worked up till last year. Now my body can't take anymore, really suffering with lower and middle back pain, waiting for it to travel up on my right shoulder.