Leigh-Ann's Story

I am saddened to read some of the stories contained within your website however given the work I do, sadly it is an all too familiar tale.


I run a Therapy Centre based in the Highland's of Scotland, and although our name may suggest we only treat people with MS, we are far more inclusive and broad spectrum than that. I started working here in January 2016 and have witnessed our biggest influx of referrals to the Centre in our 24 years of operation, the highest percentage being fibromyalgia sufferers.


Their line of inquiry is always the same; they have been doing their own research (given the limited knowledge among healthcare professionals) and found on the internet that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) can help with the condition. We are fortunate enough to host one of a small number of HBOT chambers in the UK and are now proud to assist many people with fibromyalgia (among many other illnesses) to live more manageable lives with the use of HBOT. One of our members with fibromyalgia has actually started an online petition to try get the subject of HBOT becoming available funded through the NHS brought up in Parliament, as she believes it is the only viable solution to her symptoms. 




Many of our fibromyalgia users at the Centre have found themselves left alone to research their own conditions, given little more than a bag of pain killers, many of which come with their own negative side effects and little else in the way of support. They have often endured sessions at NHS funded Pain Management Clinics only to feel frustrated at the advice and responses they are given; currently the NHS (with the exception of some local doctors and nurses who know of our Centre) doesn't fund or worse still even signpost people to the support we can give them.


HBOT is a non-invasive, safe method of helping people to self-manage their conditions. I cannot speak on behalf of any other MS Therapy Centres throughout the UK, however we are proud to serve the entire community of the Highlands and grant them access to this simple and often life changing treatment.