Lucinda's Story

I have had sciatica for 18 months now and it's like a living hell. The nerve pain is unbearable and dealing with this has changed the person I was completely.


Before this happened I was loving my life, I had lost over 6 stone in weight and was the fittest I had ever been. I was walking, running, doing pole dancing and burlesque. I was so enthusiastic about my life until I woke up one day with horrendous pain and pins and needles from my lower back down my right leg and foot.


I attend physiotherapy and I'm on countless medications including anti-depressants as it has got me so down. Trying to access an MRI to determine the cause of this, it is an absolute nightmare as the GP can't refer you, it has to be the back pain service run by the physiotherapists and they are very reluctant to take people on. I live in hope that I will get better and get my life back.


I am still working full time as I refuse to let it take that away from me, I just keep taking the meds.