Rebecca's Story

I felt like I was the only one before who had been shown the door, and in the end I thought it was all in my head after the doctors put it all down to stress and what I had been through! But everytime I stepped out the door I felt I hadn't accomplished anything! I felt more alone then ever. No one believed me.


I'm sure it started after the birth of my daughter. I had a very traumatic birth, being in labour for 3 days in constant agony. After I gave birth to my baby girl, I was very depressed and not to mention exhausted. She is 4 now and ever since her birth I don't think things have been right, my arms used to lock, my husband had to help me up off the floor. The countless amount of times I went in to the doctors and got turned away with stress - one day I had so much pain in my chest and my husband took me to the hospital were they did an ECG which showed abnormal results, but further ECG showed everything was normal, so again they put it down to stress.


Another time I woke up and couldn't move whole of one side of my body, so I rang the doctors who said it sounded like cramp! In a further appointment I had bloods done, I told this doctor I was in pain all the time and tired, she said that the bloods were normal and she didn't know what she could do for me. When I got home however she rang me and told me she had spoke to another doctor and she wanted me to have further bloods to rule out everything else out before looking into fibromyalgia.


Finally I felt I had been heard! Of course the bloods were clear, and I got the diagnosis. 


But what now?